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A Unique Approach to Medicine

Assertive Treatment | Care Innovation

At Consistent Care we take a client-centered approach to case management in response to high use of emergency departments.


By using a complex care model, we engage social resources within the community to collaborate on comprehensive care plans that address the health and social challenges faced by our clients.


Our RN case managers and client advocates work directly with our clients and their families to navigate the health and social care systems in an effort to improve access to care and their quality of life.



An innovative process

At Consistent Care, we believe that frequent users of the Emergency Departments of Hospitals (ED) are best served by engaging the resources of the entire community beyond the limitations of the traditional health care setting.


Each enrollee receives individualized support from a team of RN Case Managers and Client Advocates who empower our patients and break down barriers to access such as homelessness, food insecurity, or transportation issues.


Clients receive the tools they need to take back their lives and become successful contributors in their community.

How Consistent Care works

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