Influenza Vaccine Clinic Information

2022-2023 Flu Season Vaccines are here!

If you are 65 years and older - We have CDC recommended the Fluzone HIGH DOSE Flu vaccine available.

Ages 1-64 years - Flucelvax, Preservative Free, Quadrivalent regular-dose Flu vaccine is available.

Step 1

  • You CAN receive your Flu and COVID-19 vaccine at the same time. 

  • See this CDC Influenza (Flu) Information.   

  • We bill all insurance.

  • If paying out of pocket, the fee is:

    • Low dose $40

    • High dose $100

Step 2

Please wear a mask and do not come to the clinic if you are sick.

No fee for parking in the lot. Enter through the south door.  Use elevator or the stairs up to the second floor. Located in Suite 201 just outside the elevator

Overview of the Spokane clinic

Here at Consistent Care we aim to create an easy and stress free way for you to receive your COVID-19 Vaccine. The location is easy to find, with friendly nurses and clean open recovery rooms.

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Check in area
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Vaccine room
recovery room Main.jpg
Recovery room