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Overview of the Spokane Clinic

Here at Consistent Care we aim to create an easy and stress free way for you to receive your COVID-19 Vaccine. The location is easy to find, with friendly nurses and clean open recovery rooms.

Waiting room main.jpg
Check in area
Vaccine Room.jpg
Vaccine room
recovery room Main.jpg
Recovery room

**Due to a decrease in vaccination numbers at this time, we will be offering one clinic a week for the rest of the spring. If you have extenuating circumstances and need to arrange a different time for vaccination than what is offered, please call (509) 957-8639. Thank you for your understanding.**


Please select your preferred time:​​


1235 N Post St,

Suite 201

Spokane, WA


Common Questions/Answers

Are you eligible for your first Covid-19 Vaccine?

  • Everyone 6 months and older is eligible.  We vaccinate everyone at least 12 months old.

  • We offer the Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19, and Novavax vaccine for primary series doses and boosters doses.

  • To receive a bivalent booster you should be at least 2 months from your primary series or 2 months from your last booster and 2 months since your last COVID infection.

  • See this CDC booster reference.  

  • See this CDC Pediatric Primary Series Reference.

We now offer the new Pfizer and Moderna BIVALENT  booster vaccines!

We offer vaccinations to children ages 1yr and older

Get $100 for receiving your COVID vaccine if you are covered by Molina or Amerigroup Managed Care Washington Medicaid.


If you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card you can retrieve your vaccination record/information by visiting WA Verify or  MYIRMOBILE.COM.

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