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Overview of the Spokane Clinic

Here at Consistent Care we aim to create an easy and stress free way for you to receive your COVID-19 Vaccine. The location is easy to find, with friendly nurses and clean open recovery rooms.

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Check in area
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Vaccine room
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Recovery room

Fall 2023 Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccine Now Available!

This year the COVID booster is paid for by your health plan. Your health plan must be in-network with the Consistent Care Vaccine Clinic. We are in network with Medicare and all Medicaid (except CHPW).  See the table below for other in-network health plans we accept.  Call (509) 957-8639 if you have questions.

Health Plans Accepted

  • All Medicare

  • All Washington Medicaid (except CHPW and Coordinated Care)

  • Asuris Northwest Health Plan

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Humana

  • HMA

  • UMR (UnitedHealthcare Plan)

  • UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans

  • Kaiser PPO (Not Kaiser HMO)

  1. Please register for your preferred time below. 

  2. Select "influenza" for the vaccine. 

  3. The new COVID vaccines have not been loaded into the scheduling system but are available and in-stock. When you arrive you can elect Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine.​​​​


1235 N Post St,

Suite 201

Spokane, WA


Common Answers

  • Everyone 6 months and older is eligible for the Fall 2023 COVID vaccine if it has been at least 2 months since their last dose of COVID vaccine.

  • We offer the Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines for children under 12.  Email make a special reservation for COVID vaccine for a child under 12 so it can be ordered.

  • We offer RSV Vaccine to those over age 65 by special reservation so it can be ordered.  Email

  • We offer Fluzone high dose influenza vaccine to those 60 and older.



If you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card you can retrieve your vaccination record/information by visiting WA Verify or  MYIRMOBILE.COM.

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