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Success Stories

Lori H, Case Manager

December 2022

Angela has been a participant with Consistent Care for over a year now. Angela was on the streets after living in a situation where her landlord was taking advantage of her, stealing, and entering her home without notice, among other complaints. When we asked her, Angela said that "Lori pulled me out of the trenches" and expressed several times that she is "so happy, I couldn't have done this without [Consistent Care]."Angela has battled with severe OCD and finally felt safe somewhere. She was housed in an apartment that Consistent Care maintains for unique circumstances like hers, called the Adept apartment, for 11 months, until she finally found a place to call her own!

Angela and Lori.jpg

Hannah K, Case Manager

Brooke was introduced to Consistent Care most recently as someone whose name had “slipped through the cracks” each time she tried to connect with services. She had been through our services before, but sometimes the timing isn’t right. Brooke needed intensive medical case management to get orthotic shoes with toe inserts, braces for her arms and wrists, recovery from multiple surgeries, dentures, and basic human needs like shelter, food, and water. As a mother and a victim of the opioid epidemic, Brooke has been enduring living on the streets for the better part of the last decade and has paid in fingers and toes, which she lost to frostbite. This October, Brooke moved into her first apartment on her own. Brooke is so happy to have a door to lock; she couldn’t remember the last time she had her own door that no one else could enter but her. She has onsite free laundry facilities, a porch all to herself, and an entryway that’s “perfect for a little Christmas wreath!” Brooke’s home isn’t quite everything she dreamed of, but it is right for her. She is grateful to not have to spend another winter on the streets; even her counselor congratulated her and had the entire staff sign a card for her to show how happy they are for her. After over a decade on sidewalks and under bridges, Brooke gets to rest her head on her pillow, in her home, behind her door that locks.

November 2022

Zoe is a survivor of domestic violence. She has moved into her own apartment, where she feels empowered to live in her own space. Even though she feels safe, she was concerned about the two cats she had to leave with her abuser. Her next step after securing her own living space were to find and rescue these cats. With safety precautions in place, Zoe and her case manager, Hannah, drove around the old neighborhood looking for the abandoned cats. Surprisingly, the cats heard and recognized Zoe's voice and ran to her. Several treats later and lots of love, the cats were reunited with Zoe and living happily in their new apartment. 

Francette L, Case Manager

October 2022

Mark lived at an AFH. He signed his lease with Demark Apartments, another project-based unit owned and managed by Pierce County Housing Authority. Francette Lindsay and Sarah Hale work together as his case managers. Mark's monthly rent will be free due to the utility reimbursement that will pay his monthly utilities. Francette also secured furniture and essential items for Mark to use when he moved into his new apartment.

Mark Move in.jpg

November 2022

Steven was homeless after being asked to leave his adult family home. Given his chronic illnesses, he was not doing well on the street. Francette worked fast and diligently to get him approved to move into the Project Based units owned and managed by Pierce County Housing Authority. Steven and his service animal now have a place of their own. He will never pay over 30% of his income. This is perfect for folks who are on fixed incomes. 


October 2022

Michael was living in an RV that was not in living or driving condition. The RV was tagged to get towed within 72 hours. Francette Lindsay immediately contacted the Department of Transportation to get an extension on the tow, as the team was working on getting him approved for a Section 811 unit in Renton. The process was almost finalized, so working quickly to get him a permanent home was crucial. Francette secured a week's extension and signed the lease with Michael and Sunset Court Apartments just in time!

Randi C, Case Manager

November 2022

Laura has been couch surfing or living on the streets for the past four years. Her case manager, Randi has worked diligently with Laura throughout her experiences to find affordable and sustainable housing. Additionally, Laura has severe medical problems that does not allow her to work. The process of applying for disability further complicates her situation. However, Randi has worked collaboratively with Laura to find housing through the HEN program. She has worked hard to recover from multiple surgeries, gain employment at Dollar Tree, and sustain her home. 

November 2022

Amanda has been working with Randi for the last four years. Throughout all her struggles, Randi has been her champion to advocate on her behalf. Amanda has not been able to receive disability income even though she has a severe mental disability. Even with the challenges of mental health issues, Amanda has secured employment through the HEN program and can sustain her life. She stated, "I am really happy and grateful for this program and my case manager." Randi continues to help Amanda work through problems that may arise and overcome any obstacles. 

Amanda Image.JPG

Victoria R, Case Manager

January 2023

Rebecca wanted to live with her son and dogs and needed a house. Although they had already found a landlord, Victoria assisted in the walkthrough/viewing and correspondence with the case manager to assist with payment for the move-in fees. 

January 2023

Jordan was referred to Consistent Care for assistance with his voucher from the Housing Resource Center. Victoria coordinated with his care team, and we arranged for Jordan to move into an AFH to help him better monitor his progress over the long term. Jordan is currently applying and being accepted to a unit and will move out and live independently. 

January 2023

Lavosha was homeless and living in her vehicle during the colder season. She sometimes stayed with friends in a crowded small unit. Victoria helped purchase gas for her vehicle to have heat and somewhere dry to sleep. After some care team management, we arranged for CCSS to purchase Lavosha a one-way ticket to Cleveland where she has stable housing and has moved back permanently.

Lavosha Daniels- Photo- 01.12.20231024_1.jpg
Lavosha Daniels- Photo 2- 01.12.20231024_1.jpg

Kerry G, Support Services Supervisor

April 2023

Trevor has been a client since 2021 and has had many challenges in his life that were barriers to his success. His history of legal issues and mental health struggles has prevented him from having stable housing and employment.  Trevor is often difficult to work with due to aggressive tendencies and difficulty communicating meaningfully. Eventually, his case worker gained his trust and respect to help him effectively. After some extensive research, his case worker found him an apartment in Seattle as an option. Trevor was not willing to live in Seattle. Other options in Everett near family or other support systems were denied.  His caseworker was persistent in filing documents under the Fair Housing Act and other documentation to support his case until Trevor was approved. During this process, his case worker coached him and prepared him for his new housing environment and roommate. Trevor has worked really hard to turn his life around and stay healthy. Today, he is living in his new apartment, thriving, and has another chance at living independently.

Alisha R, Nurse Case Manager

April 2023

Client L.L. was enrolled in our Hep C Coordination program with Amerigroup. He was referred to CCSS in Tri-Cities for CG services for housing. When I first contacted L.L., he had just been discharged from a hospital after receiving six weeks of IV antibiotics for a complicated infection. He had been homeless for five years and was incarcerated for 29 years prior to that. For two months, he had spent all his income on a motel to continue to shower daily to ensure his wound would heal properly. When he was approved for a medical respite bed, he was appreciative but also apprehensive. He kept saying, “So you’re sure this is really going to happen?”


Meanwhile, another CCSS employee, Victoria R, applied for him to live at the Bishop Skylstad Commons. Within a day, he was approved to move in. He called me with utter excitement and gratitude. Now that he has a place, he is ready to proceed with further treatment.

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