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Success Stories

Lori H, Case Manager

December 2022

Angela has been a participant with Consistent Care for over a year now. Angela was on the streets after living in a situation where her landlord was taking advantage of her, stealing, and entering her home without notice, among other complaints. When we asked her, Angela said that "Lori pulled me out of the trenches" and expressed several times that she is "so happy, I couldn't have done this without [Consistent Care]."Angela has battled with severe OCD and finally felt safe somewhere. She was housed in an apartment that Consistent Care maintains for unique circumstances like hers, called the Adept apartment, for 11 months, until she finally found a place to call her own!

Hannah K, Case Manager

Brooke was introduced to Consistent Care most recently as someone whose name had “slipped through the cracks” each time she tried to connect with services. She had been through our services before, but we know that sometimes the timing isn’t right yet. Brooke needed intensive medical case management to get orthotic shoes with toe inserts, braces for her arms and wrists, recovery from multiple surgeries, and dentures, alongside needing basic human needs like shelter, food, and water. As a mother and a victim of the opioid epidemic, Brooke has been enduring living on the streets for the better part of the last decade and has paid in fingers and toes, which she lost to frostbite. This October, Brooke moved into her first apartment on her own. Brooke is so happy to have a door to lock, she couldn’t remember the last time she had her own door that no one else could enter but her. She has free laundry facilities onsite, a porch all to herself, and an entryway way that’s “perfect for a little Christmas wreath!” Brooke’s home isn’t quite everything she dreamed of, but it is just right for her. She is grateful to not have to spend another winter on the streets, even her counselor at the methadone clinic congratulated her and had the entire staff sign a card for her to show how happy they are for her. After more than a decade on sidewalks and under bridges, Brooke gets to rest her head on her pillow, in her own home, behind her door that locks.


Francette Lindsey, Case Manager

Steven was homeless......



Randy Chally, Case Manager



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